Household Pack

Household Pack

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Want to try the Serious range? Give Serious a try with our Household Pack. Each pack includes: 
  • 12 Serious Tissues Toilet Rolls
  • 1 Serious Kitchen Towel
  • 1 Serious Facial Tissues 
  • 1 plastic-free pack Serious Laundry 

The trial pack plants 16 trees and recovers 1.3kg of ocean plastic. 


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Our toilet paper and kitchen towel both plant a tree for every roll, while still being cleverly recycled from 100% post-consumer waste into soft tissue paper.

Our plastic-free soap and laundry, impact the environment less by being plastic-free, but also recover ocean plastic for everyone sold.

This bundle is the perfect product if you live in a small house hold of up to 3 people. 

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