18 Rolls of 100% Recycled 3-Ply Toilet Paper

18 Rolls of 100% Recycled 3-Ply Toilet Paper

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Serious Tissues recycled 3 Ply Toilet Paper is a soft, 3ply, 100% recycled toilet paper which is made to the highest standards. Each roll has 280 sheets and it is 32.2 metres of soft toilet roll. Sold in a recycled cardboard box of 18 rolls.

Subscribe to Serious Tissues. You'll receive 18 rolls of toilet paper every month delivered to your door. No obligation and if you need to skip a month you can.

Our rolls are made from 100% recycled paper. 

18 rolls is perfect for the average family of four. If you're in a smaller household, you can select to have Serious Tissues delivered every other month.

The price includes shipping and is delivered in a recycled cardboard box.

Please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery. 

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