Carbon Footprint: Bamboo vs Recycled

It's tricky trying to cut through the numbers we it comes to carbon footprint.

Some bamboo brands claim they create 30% fewer than recycled toilet paper - because of less water and electricity used - but an independent assessment  showed bamboo toilet roll create 34% emissions by shipping from China.

There is also a lot made of how quickly bamboo grows, when actually bamboo's ability to store carbon was called into question in a 2016 report.

There is no doubt that bamboo is a much better option than toilet paper made from virgin pulp.

But we also feel there's a reason that the only brands that got an A in the Natural Resource Defence Council's Issue With Tissue report were recycled. We outlined all the additional reasons we felt recycled was a better option in another blog post - from biodiversity to circular economy.

Clearly not all recycled paper is created equal.

Look for brands that are recycled from 100% post-consumer waste, like Serious.

Look for brands that adhere to the FSC certification, also like Serious.

And look for brands that don't use chlorine bleach, this is embarrassing, again, like Serious.

When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, small actions can make a big impact. One of the simplest and most straightforward ways to live more sustainably is by choosing eco-friendly products, like as toilet paper.

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