Is there really bleach in recycled toilet paper?

Bleach is a scary word. People think of the bleach under their kitchen sinks, chlorine bleach, harsh chemicals that can cause irritation or other health problems.

So people naturally worry when they hear about the presence of bleach in recycled paper, especially when it comes to items like toilet paper.

Serious Tissues have never and will never use chlorine bleach. 

These chemicals were used in the past to whiten papers products, and in what feels like it should be a surprise to no one had serious nasty effects on the environment. This type of bleach can produce harmful by-products, such as dioxins, that can harm both human health and the environment.

'Bleaching' used colloquially often means whitening, not chlorine bleach.

There are alternatives, like oxygen whitening or a whitening agent, which is a chemical that doesn't produce harmful by-products and only serves to even out the colour of recycled paper as it comes from so many different sources..

It's also important to note that the colour of recycled paper can be an indicator of the amount of bleach that was used in its production. A whiter toilet paper roll often means that more bleach was used in its production. This is why some recycled paper products, like Serious Tissues, have a more off-white or grey colour. This is because they only use a small amount of the whitening agent and don't use chlorine bleach at all, making their products safer for both humans and the environment.

So, while people rightly may worry about the presence of bleach in recycled paper, it's important to understand the different types of bleach and their impact. Chlorine bleach is the one that should be avoided. So, next time you go shopping for recycled paper products, look for those that have an off-white or grey color, as they are likely to have used far fewer chemicals.

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