FAQs – Serious Tissues



Where are Serious Tissues produced?

Serious Tissues are manufactured in Blackburn. By producing in the UK we’re also able to reduce the carbon footprint of our toilet paper. Our loo roll is made from 100% recycled paper and without any unnecessary chemicals (dyes, perfumes, etc.)

What are Serious Tissues made from? Are Serious Tissues bamboo?

Serious Tissues are made from 100% recycled paper - no trees are harmed in the making of this product. We use recycled paper - from newspapers, cereal boxes, etc. - instead of bamboo because the carbon footprint is smaller and we don’t have to ship the bamboo from China. We’re produced in the UK.

Where do you plant trees?

Serious Tissues is partnered with different associations, helping run tree planting projects all around the world. Our partners work with local communities, providing work for those who need it. Currently, the trees are being planted in the UK, Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti & Central America.

How are Serious Tissues packed?

Our toilet rolls are packed as simply and ecologically as possible. We don’t use plastic or any unnecessary individual packaging. Your toilet roll will even be delivered in a fully recycled cardboard box. 

Does Serious Tissues use any chemicals or dyes? 

Our loo roll is made of 100% recycled paper without the use of any unnecessary chemicals (dyes, perfumes, etc.).

Are Serious Tissues bleached? 

No. We use a non-chlorine based reducing agent to decolourise the paper. No chlorine or peroxide bleach  or any other chemical is used in our deinking process.

Are Serious Tissues vegan? 

Our loo roll is vegan.