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The founding team -  Chris, Cemal, Richard and Martin - are all fathers who have worked together for a long time. We were becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and wanted to do something about it rather than stand by and be powerless. Between us we have eight children and want to do all we can to make the world a better place in the future. When thinking about what to do, we were inspired by the quote “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”. Now while we’re not that old, and clearly it’s great when anybody plants a tree, the sentiment really struck a chord with us. 

Cutting down a tree that has been growing for a couple of decades just to make toilet paper seems like the very definition of insanity, especially when we have enough paper in the current system (office paper, newspaper and magazines) to recycle into a great and highly sustainable alternative. 

Armed with this knowledge about the world’s serious issues, we created Serious Tissues - a toilet paper brand with a commitment to plants. We launched in April 2020 with our profits initially going to the NHS Charities Together Foundation to help with the  Covid-19 pandemic, before turning our focus back to trees in late 2020.

Serious Tissues are manufactured in the Midlands. By producing in the UK we’re also able to reduce the carbon footprint of our toilet paper. Our loo roll is made from 100% recycled paper and without any unnecessary chemicals (dyes, perfumes, etc.)

Serious Tissues are made from 100% recycled paper - no trees are harmed in the making of this product. We use recycled paper - from newspapers, cereal boxes, etc. - instead of bamboo because the carbon footprint is smaller and we don’t have to ship the bamboo from China. We’re produced in the UK.

We strongly believe that trees should not be a one-time use product, by making Serious Tissues from recycled post-consumer use paper we ensure that the trees that have been cut down have a more valuable use that just being used once. This helps reduce the millions of trees being cut down to make loo-roll every year and we also help with reforestation, so we save trees and plant trees.

While bamboo is a sustainable solution it has a significant carbon footprint related to the shipping process and there is not enough information about the impact that using bamboo creates in the local ecosystems and finally by using bamboo you are still cutting down one of the trees that helps capture a significant amount of carbon emissions...so why not leverage that on bamboo and use local resources the best way possible.

Serious Tissues are made from UK post consumer use recycled paper.

Post-consumer recycled paper embodies the circular economy. It’s manufactured from recycled products that have served a purpose for end-users, then sold on the market where it again serves a useful purpose, and then can be recycled again. It goes to market and back in a sustainable manner. It is fed by the recycling bins people fill with waste paper, such as magazines, newspapers, promotional materials, packaging, boxes and office documents.

Serious Tissues is partnered with different associations, helping run tree planting projects all around the world. Our partners work with local communities, providing work for those who need it. Currently, the trees are being planted in the UK, Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti & Central America.

With the help of our expert partners we plant native species, helping restore ecosystems and protecting them for the future. Our tree planting experts and the local communities work to look after the trees planted so they survive and continue to have a benefit for the global and local community now and in the future. 

Trees capture carbon from the atmosphere and lock it away for as long as that tree is in the ground. Recent academic research has shown that a global tree planting programme has the potential to remove one quarter of all emissions created by human activities. (Science Magazine, 2019). Reforestation also helps in many other ways including restoration of ecosystems for wildlife, reducing erosion, capturing water in the soil to fight drought and desertification. It also has benefits in local communities by providing employment, keeping children in education longer, acting as a source of food and reducing climate migration because previously hard to inhabit areas become more stable.

Our toilet rolls are packed as simply and ecologically as possible. We don’t use plastic or any unnecessary individual packaging. Your toilet roll will even be delivered in a fully recycled cardboard box. 

Each Serious Tissues roll is made from 250 sheets of 2ply paper. Each sheet is 105 x 115mm. The average roll you buy in a supermarket has only 150-200 sheets so Serious Tissues represents better value.

Our loo roll is made of 100% recycled paper without the use of any unnecessary chemicals (dyes, perfumes, etc.). Since it's made from recycled paper we do need to use a solution to decolourise the paper.

No. We use a non-chlorine based reducing agent to decolourise the paper.

Serious Tissues are not white, they are a little off-white and the color may vary from one roll to another since they are made from 100% recycled paper.

Our loo roll is vegan.

Each brand and product are different. In terms of product the easiest comparison is per sheet, Serious Tissues are made from a thick 2-ply and 250 sheets per roll. Most supermarket rolls are 2-ply and 150-200 sheets. Taking that into consideration Serious Tissues is better value as well as more environmentally friendly and plastic free.

We are always looking for new products and options to offer to the Serious Tissues family, sign up to our mailing list to stay updated on our latest product introductions.

Yes, drop us a line and we can discuss the perfect products and prices to meet your needs.

They are made in Sweden.

Because the laundry strips product is 95% lighter than traditional laundry detergents and far smaller, it means the carbon footprint from shipping is lower than other bulkier products. We are looking to find a UK supplier soon, but we didn’t want to waste time getting the product to market so we could start making an impact by helping people reduce their plastic consumption and recovering plastic from nature.

The health of our oceans is vital to the health of our
planet. For the past 200 years, oceans have absorbed up to 40% of CO2 produced
by human activity but early signs are showing the rise of microplastics in our seas is disrupting their capacity to act as a natural carbon sink. Plastic is entering our seas at an alarming rate and if the current trend continues, they
could contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

That's why we're working to cut off the flow of plastic into the ocean.

For every pack of Serious Laundry we sell, we recover 1kg of ocean-bound plastic. That’s the equivalent of
fifty 500ml plastic bottles or 500 crisp packets.

Ocean-bound plastic is defined as the collection of plastic waste in a 50km radius from the coastline (as defined in the Verra Plastic Standards) that would otherwise not have been collected and would most
likely end up in the ocean. Essentially it is an intervention to divert this plastic safely away from oceans before it has a chance to leak into it.

Recovery is currently managed by our partner, Repurpose Global, and more information will be available soon on our Plastics page.

All of the packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable.

It’s about as simple as laundry can be. A single strip with the perfect amount of detergent for a regular wash. You just put it in the
washing machine with the clothes and start the machine. This means there’s no mess or risk of spillage that you would have from a powder or liquid. The strip dissolves completely in the wash.

If the wash is more soiled than usual, put in two laundry strips rather than one. No fabric softener is required.


The strips are paraben free, phosphate free and
don’t include added bleach or dyes. They’re hypoallergenic and vegan. The product is also fully biodegradable.

Yes, they are
vegan and cruelty free.

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